Publication date:
30 Aug 2012

Onshore CO2 storage legal resources

Onshore CO2 storage legal resources considers the legislation and associated issues relating to onshore CO2 storage in Europe and Australia.

1. European waste legislation and onshore CO2 storage
This section considers the fundamental question of whether CCS processes and captured CO2 falls within the scope of EU waste legislation, and if so, what the implications would then be. Specifically we look at:

2. European water legislation and onshore CO2 storage
Here we look at European water legislation and its relationship to CCS activities including: 

3. Australian onshore regulation
Here we consider how CO2 storage is dealt with at a federal and state level in Australia. At a state level we consider the state of Victoria, that enacted The Victorian Greenhouse Gas Geological Sequestration Act 2008 (No. 61 of 2008) which provides a dedicated legal framework enabling the onshore injection and permanent storage of greenhouse gas substances.